If you are an american visiting Colombia or you have been living there for a while and find yourself wondering where can you eat a delicious fried rice or cashew chicken just as in your mother land, we will give you our top of american style chinese restaurants in Medellín.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find a really good restaurant to order that glorious hot and sour soup or that Kung Pao beef or that egg roll as you used to back in the US. However, in Colombia you can find all that and more.

The following shortlisted below are the restaurants that serves the best american style chinese food near Medellín.


In China

This restaurant is near El Poblado, specifically in Carrera 30 No. 7A – 310 and they are open every day from 11:00am.

At In China they bring the essence of Asian food to the Western table, with fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors and stunning architecture that give rise to an unforgettable experience.

All their dishes are prepared instantly with top quality ingredients.

This is one of the best american style chinese restaurants not only for their food but actually for their enviroment and service which can be compared to the those found in any China Town.


Recently moved to Calle 9A# 38-26 Parque Lleras Mall – Local 103. They are located right next to Medellin beer factory. Due to their reopening they are selling a new dish called LAKSA (Spicy coconut noodle soup) that you should try.

This restaurant has a lot of popularity among foreigners and it’s open all week so you can go whenever you want to.



This one is located in Carrera 35 8a 19, in El Poblado and is very recommended. The service, food and quality overall is one of the best you’ll find in Medellín.

They have pretty good music, delicious food with many many options to choose from and on top of that it is a very economic (not to say cheap) restaurant. Some may say it is the best american style chinese restaurant of Colombia.