Whether you are visiting Colombia or you are a resident with a family in the United States or Canada, it is always important to know the best way to communicate. This article presents some of the easiest ways to call US / Canada.

While some options are paid and others are free, it is good to consider as many alternatives as possible. Below is a list of the best ways to call US / Canada from Colombia using your mobile phone.

1. Tigo

Tigo post paid plans have free calling to US / Canada. You can pay using foreign issued credit cards, as well as set up pre-paid phone service. It’s a good option for newcomers.


2. Skype

Using a Skype number for calling the US/Canada is a very good option. It’s $13 or so for the number for 3 months, plus $3/month for unlimited calls to US / Canada. It only works with Wifi, but you’ll get a standard 10 digit US number and people can call you just like they’re using a regular cell phone number.


3. Claro

One of the cheapest ways to call US / Canada. A monthly prepaid data plan with Claro for 42,000 pesos. FB Messenger app calls for those who have it, MagicJack app calls for those who don’t.

Best ways to call US / Canada


4. Talkatone

You can get a simple data plan with either Tigo, Claro, ETB or Movistar for $15-$20 USD and you’re all set. Talkatone is one of the best ways to call US / Canada because it allows you to call and text over WiFi or data connection without using cell minutes.


5. Google

You can use your Google account and call US/Canada phone numbers for free. Just make sure you set it up in the States with tunnel bear / hola internet before hand. Many people use this method with their Android in Colombia and all they use is data. For instance,  Virgin Mobile have a plan for 40,000 pesos and they give you 2.5 Gbs / month).

For this you can use Google Home or Hangouts.