Colombia is a country that receives more and more retired people who chose the rich South American nation as the favorite place to rest, after so many years of work. Living in Colombia has several advantages. From the geographical point of view it has an amazingly favoured position, with coasts to the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. There are no seasons here, although there is a rich diversity of climates, from the cold of the extensive Andes mountain range to the pleasant temperatures of the Colombian towns. However, to enjoy this beautiful country for the rest of your life you should get your colombian retirement visa.

In addition to the geographical part, living in Colombia has the advantage of low costs, since a retired person could live in the country with even more luxury than when he resided in one of the developed nations and all this with a cheaper price. Real estate in Colombia continuously offers rebates and is easy to acquire. To all this is added the wide possibilities offered by the Colombian government so that those interested can settle in the nation. But of course a colombian retirement visa is needed for this matter.

In 2007 a package of laws was approved, created with the aim of attracting more investors and retired people, especially from the United States and Europe. Obtaining a residence for pensioners in Colombia is not very difficult and incredibly has no age limits, so if you decide to retire in Colombia there are many legal firms that can help you achieve your goal.

The best known and used by American retirees is Intercol for its guaranteed, easy and fast services that satisfy 100% of its users.

The entire process takes less than 1 month to obtain the colombian retirement visa in Bogotá.

What are the requirements to get a colombian retirement visa?

1. Present your passport with a minimum validity of three (3) months, in good condition, with blank pages.

2. DAS form notifying if there is a change in your commercial activity and your current employment status, with a Pensioner Visa in Colombia (colombian retirement visa) you will not be authorized to work, since you are supposed to be retired.

3. Form for the application of the visa with 3×3 photograph duly affixed.

4. Two (2) photocopies of the used passport pages that contain information.

5. Two (2) originals of the Visa Application Form completely filled out and signed.

6. Three (3) recent photographs, front, color, light background (passport size).

7. Certification issued by a competent authority, government, public or private company or foreign or Colombian entity, stating that it receives a pension, which if it comes from abroad must be legalized before a Colombian Consul or apostille, as the case may be.