Most people have heard stories about some of the dangers of dating in Colombia in 2019. Stories about people being drugged on a night out with a girl and waking up a day later with nothing left in their apartment. Or worse, stories about the people who have been drugged and died from the overdose they were given

Typically people refer to these situations where someone is drugged to then be robbed, as being “scoped.” This is in reference to the powerful drug “scopolamine” or “escopolamina” in Spanish. This is the “devil’s breath” drug/substance you will also see stories and videos about on the internet. While lots of the cases we’ve seen over the years may have been scopolamine, it’s hard to say what they really were as not everyone has had toxicology tests done afterward.

What we do know with absolute certainty, is that multiple overdoses that resulted in death this year were from being given “benzos” aka “Benzodiazepines.” These are medications that are basically tranquilizers, such as Valium or Xanax. They incapacitate you and their effects are multiplied with alcohol, which is how these situations ultimately ended up being murders.

When we refer to most cases of “being scoped” we are likely talking broadly about being people drugged with either scopolamine or benzos. Both are dangerous and what we are trying to help you avoid here!

Dating tips to avoid being drugged and robbed



  • If it’s too good to be true, it is!

If you’re not as charming and handsome as Brad Pitt, be wary when women seem to throw themselves at you within the first 5 minutes of meeting you.

  • In case you met on Tinder clarify a few things: Take a screenshot of the Tinder profile as well as the share link. Ensure that she has an Instagram or Facebook and that her profile looks legitimate. Verify that it is personal by checking to see if there are any comments by real people.
  • Stay in a place with a doorman as he will be your line of defense when you return home to make sure that you are all well. The doorman will also be important in ensuring that your room isn’t cleared out by the perpetrator.
  • Avoid taxis off the street, always use an app that allows you to track the plate and make of the taxi you booked.
  • Lock up or hide your valuables before you go out. If you have gotten all the way to this step on a date and you still haven’t detected anything, bad things can still happen. A girl still might grab something expensive she sees laying around if she tries to let herself out
  • If you feel nauseous in any way immediately go home. Do not let anyone accompany you or tell you which taxi to get into.
  • Go on coffee dates instead of going out at night. Consider taking the safer route by having a coffee date. Or go on a tour with your date.
  • Over and above all, use caution and common sense in dating in Colombia and you will be fine and enjoy!