Before getting to know what are the favorite places to order from Rappi, let’s discover what is Rappi first. Rappi is a company that makes life easier day after day. A company that  gives you a better quality of life, because it gives you time to share it as you want and with the people you want, doing what you really enjoy because they know time is precious and worth gold!

There is nothing better than not having to travel or endure a row or a useless traffic jam and instead share a nice time with your friends, family, work colleagues and more.

But how is this possible? Through an application that connects users with a network of “Rappitenderos” (similar to mailman) and these in turn connect with the nearest shops or stores to get the products and services you request on Rappi platform, and them take the goods to the place you have indicated.

This is very common in Colombia thanks to Rappi, and among time restaurants have being interested in becoming part of this huge iniciative by offering delivery services.


What places do pleople prefer when ordering via Rappi?

Actually, you can order whatever kind of food you like, from mexican to chinese, including colombian traditional dishes and even pizzas, burguers or appetizers such as french fries and more. It’s a world of variety.

However, the favorite places to order from Rappi are always the ones who offer variety and good prices. For instance, we have made a list that you should definitely try.

1. Kokoriko

They sell the best grilled chicken you’ll find in Rappi app. Often, they have combos with rice and beans and a drink of your preference.

2. Archies

In spite of being a pizza store and having delicious pizzas which are totally recommended, they sell a very tasty mexican salad with chicken and avocado.

3. Il Forno

It’s an authentic italian restaurant with awesome options for meat, pasta, salads and cooked potatoes, or a combination of everything in between. Trying this place is a must!


4. El Rancherito

Some may say that El Rancherito is classic in Medellín. Despite the high competition, no restaurant is up to El Rancherito as a typical meal in Medellin. An ideal option for breakfast and lunch, if you are interested in local gastronomy.

5. Cuzco

House of the best sushi and peruvian food you can search for using Rappi. With a bunch of seafood ready to be served at your door. If you like seafood this will be your favorite place to order from Rappi.