If you know a quality house cleaner or full-time house helper, then good for you! Finding high-quality help is hard to come by these days. If you do not speak their language, that’s another hurdle. Thankfully, there are professional cleaning services in Colombia that hire experienced and trained cleaners. Hiring professional services will ensure that the cleaners are good and will save you from having to solve minor problems. Here are some websites that both locals and expats highly recommend.


The number one on our list is Hogaru! They claim to be the leading company if you need day cleaners for your home or business. Unlike hiring someone personally, hiring a day cleaner from Hogaru means you do not have to pay the cleaners’ pension and health insurance yourself (as required by Colombian law). Hogaru takes care of that together with other legal obligations. They also have an app that you cand download and access anywhere you go. Their staff only speaks Spanish though so using email will be better if you do not speak Spanish yet.

🌐 https://www.hogaru.com

✆ Medellin: (+57) 034 605 1060


A lot of people who needed professional cleaning services in Medellin also recommend Aseoya. Their general cleaning services start at COP 41,900 which includes cleaning and disinfection of rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. You can ask for their quotation here. They also offer car wash, pool cleaning, mattress cleaning, and gardening.

🌐 https://www.aseoya.com

✆ Medellin: (+57) 034 604 8023

✆ Colombia: (+57)  02 396 0000


This professional cleaning service provider boasts of “personalized attention to your needs.” Some of their services include washing floors of your terrace, bathroom, and kitchen, ironing clothes, programming your washing machine for your laundry, and hanging them to dry. They even offer handwashing delicates! You can schedule and ask for their quotation here.

🌐 https://www.servidomesticas.com

✆ Medellin: (+57) 034 444 5106


Hiring a professional cleaner will help give you more time to spend on what you like, whether it’s exploring Colombia or spending time with people you love. Tell us about your experience with any of these professional cleaning services in Colombia in the comments!