You’ve heard it before, you get back what you put in. The real question is, how? If you choose to provide your body with the best nutrients and quality of food, you’ll most likely have a healthier lifestyle than those who don’t.
Those who have gotten the chance to live in this versatile city have realized that its rapidly increasing its interest in the conscious eating, and that its way ahead from other main cities when it comes to diversity of ingredients. People in Medellín worry about finding nutritious and delicious artisanal and hand-crafted food.



As one of the most popular health stores in town, you’ll be able to find a ginger energy drinks, collagen, every type of organic cereal to make bread, lentil patties, and a wide variety of sugarless homemade desserts.

Not so long ago, finding healthy and organic ingredients for lower costs was almost impossible unless you prepared them yourself in your house. Now places like this one gives the locals the possibility to try new a new approach to feed by offering not only prepared foods, but also the individual ingredients like quinoa cereal, roasted chickpeas, almond flour, maca and home cocoa. for you to cook for yourself and your entire family.

  • Opens from Mon-Sun, from 11:00am-8:00pm



This organic market is connected to the famous vegetarian restaurant Verdeo located in the El Poblado neighborhood.  Ceres in one of those markets that seems to have it all: a specially refreshing cold-pressed juice and smoothie shop, all types of healthy cooking essentials and oils, avocado and carrot pasta, and a wide range of nuts and dried fruit including chia seeds, puffed quinoa and cacao nibs.

  • Opens from Mon-Sat, 12:00pm-18:30pm



If what you’re looking for is goodies in Envigado, this is the shop for you. In it, you’ll find all types of organic goods that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Come here and indulge in fresh organic almond and peanut butter, amaranth and quinoa granola, or have some fresh tahini and hummus for lunch. Most of their products are available in masse; this includes gluten free breads and dairy free yogurts and cheese.

  • It’s located a few blocks away from the Túnel Verde in the heart of the neighborhood and opens from Mon-Sat 9:30am-19:30 and Sun 9:30am-13:30pm