Food in Medellin is particularly a fairly broad topic. There are countless places where you can eat the best national and international dishes. The question today is, what are the best places to eat ramen noodle soup in Medellin?

While some prefer a simplistic flavor with basic condiments, others opt for a mix of exquisite Asian flavors brought by natives. In any case, the following is a small list of the best places to eat ramen noodle soup near Medellín.



It’s one of those places that sells authentic Japanese ramen noodle soup. One of its great advantages is offering delivery service, which is why many residents and visitors in Medellín prefer them.

Unlike many Japanese restaurants that use prefab noodles, noodles are handmade in Douraku by professional chefs in Japanese cuisine. This gives the ramen noodle soup an authentic touch.

Sumo Ramen

This is a place highly recommended by hundreds of people. The chef is Japanese and in addition to cooking everything with fresh and varied ingredients, they are pleased to offer one of the best customer services.

Its wide range of ramen soups is unmatched. From curry ramen to Tan-men and spicy Miso. Also, this restaurant is one of the cheapest ones.


Hanami Teppanyaki Sushi Bar

Although this place is not specifically a ramen soup restaurant but rather a place to eat any type of Japanese food, it has been demonstrated thanks to the opinion of its guests that they sell one of the tastiest ramen noodle soups in Medellín.

Not only that, but they offer a culinary show while they prepare the food in front of you. A true experience that revolutionizes all the senses.

In general, the good attention of the place and its environment make this a welcoming place for important moments such as anniversaries and birthdays.


District 1

A very authentic vietnamese food. Good atmosphere, quite well attention and nice deals. It’s indeed a very small place but also very welcoming. Dishes are just extraordinary, with fair prices and plenty. A must go if you’re in Medellin.

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