A good place to buy food is almost as important as the food itself. The place where food is purchased should be a place with good sanitary rules and where they offer a variety of products to meet customer demand.

Colombia is a country with a high rate of livestock, therefore, it is easy to find meat in every corner, in supermarkets, and in little grocery stores within the community. However, always keep in mind that not all places sell meat with the same quality.

Based on this premise, today we bring for you a small list of the best places to buy meat in Medellin.


Where can I buy the best meat in Medellín?

There are several renowned butchers that have become part of the Colombian people over the years thanks to its quality, customer service and unbeatable prices.

In all these sites you will find a wide range of cuts with the best quality of the market.


La Cava del Brangus

This butcher has a wide range of meat, pork and chicken cuts and they’re known for selling the most tenderized and juicy flesh in Medellín.

Not only they sell meat, but they also sell seafood, sausages, cooked pork meats, and even steakhouses. Moreover, they offer delivery services.

Location: Sector Laureles Calle 33 # 76-67

Customer service hours: Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm

Carnes Rikatas

The objective of this butcher has always been to distribute their own fabricated meat to all the country. They have been having a steady grow in the number of customer because of their quality and service.

Carnes Rikatas is part of the Asociación Colombiana de Porciculturas so they’re deeply focused on bringing to the table the best pork meat.

One of the most relevant things about this butcher is that they claim to have meat 100% green, which mean they don’t use chemicals and hormones to get the animals fat before the butchering.

They offer online shopping when buying 30mil pesos or more on any product.

AP-3 Carnes

This experts in meat and quality have one of the best meat processes of Colombia.

They raise both porcine and bovine cattle 100% Colombian. Bulls are young males of the Brahman species or their crosses, fed naturally in their large Colombian prairies.

The stages of desposte, processing and maturation of this meats are 100% controlled. This way AP-3 can verify each of the chain’s processes, guaranteeing hygiene and quality, which translates into the confidence and satisfaction of consumers.

This butcher also offer a delivery service within Medellín.