This is always a hard question to answer; it seems like not matter how much you try, you can never go wrong with a scrumptious, warm, cheesy pizza. Come with us on a tour of the top three best pizzas in the city!
We will be judging our decision based on the “Pizza Master” competition that was held this past October where the people from Medellín ate more than 198,000 pizzas in 13 different restaurants, all contending for the ultimate title of BEST PIZZA IN MEDELLÍN. These are the results:



The BBQ Sailor Jerry proved to be one of the favorites this season making its way to the top of the list. With a napolitana base, mozzarella cheese, bacon drenched in BBQ Sailor Jerry sauce, sour cream and a mix of greens, this unique style was able to steal the local’s hearts.

You can find it in Burro Pizzeria, located in Envigado. This restaurant is well known for offering Italian cuisine all year round. Come and enjoy mouthwatering pizza, burrata and chicken with an appealing staff, affordable prices and simple, yet cozy décor.

  • Where: Carrera 42 # 40c sur – 19. El Dorado – Envigado



Our second place belongs to the restaurant Sicilia In Bocca, located in the Poblado neighborhood. A napolitana sauce base, mozzarella cheese, raw buffalo mozzarella, arugula, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, serrano ham and olive oil, make this a unique combination, bringing Italy to your plate.

The restaurant is known for its long-lasting tradition of serving authentic Italian flavors, where pizza and pasta will be the main protagonists of your night. Apart from the pizza, the locals recommend the oven baked pasta. The local is tiny and at nights they place some tables outside, which adds a fresh twist to  the environment and you eat and enjoy the local nightlife at the same time.

  • Where: Calle 10 # 41 – 05. El Poblado.



The base is a thick crust, with a soft and spongy texture and amazing flavor. On top, york style ham artisanally elaborated in the pizzeria, home style napolitana base, a mix of cheese, salami and a touch of sour cream. This creamy pizza made in Simons Pizza&Beer made the third place in the list.

This pizzeria is always full, thanks to its top of the line ingredients. In the menu they take the time to specify the crust is freshly made and baked every day, with premium flour, oils and yeast, and that the family style tomato sauce has no additions or coloring. What are you waiting for to give it a try?

  • Where: Circular 75 con transversal 39 B – 130, Laureles.