You can’t think about visiting Colombia and not indulging in this amazing and wide-ranged gastronomy. This diverse country is famous for its range of climates and landscapes, but also because of f its fertile lands that allow the locals to grow all types of fruit, vegetables and potatoes, all of which are part of the perfect combination that gives the flavors to these unique dishes:



A typical dish from the Antioquia region that is composed by nine main ingredients: rice, eggs, sausage, minced meat, avocado, plantain, pork meat, beans and corn bread. Even though this plate comes from a specific part of the country, you’ll easily be able to order it in any city. Its filling and perfect for sharing on a day out with your family and friends.



This is one of the most popular and representative soups in the country. Its originary from the center of the country, especially from its capital: Bogotá. Its composed by three different types of potatoes, corn, chicken, peas, carrots, and its main ingredient: ‘guasca’, a special type of herb that gives it its smoked flavor. Guasca is grown in Bogotá and in other cities in the department of Cundinamarca.



Made with rice, yellow corn flour, pork meat, chicken, eggs, carrots, peas and potatoes. Its wrapped and baked in plantain leaves and is usually eaten as a breakfast meal or mid-day (giant) snack. Depending on the region its cooked in, the ingredient varies and so do the names, so don’t be worried if you have to ask for “hallaca” or “pipian” in order to eat it. If you’re in Bogota, you can’t miss the ones sold behind the traditional Plaza de Bolívar.



There’s no doubt about it, Colombians love their soups.  This one represents a long-lasting tradition between locals, especially those who live close to either of their coasts. Whether you’re in Barranquilla, la Guajira or Cartagena in the north close to the Atlantic, or in Cali and Chocó closer to the Pacific, the Sancocho soup is a simple, yet flavorful meal that you can’t miss!  the Pacific. It can be made with beef, chicken, pork, or even all of them together in the same bite.



This might be one of the most exciting and fun dishes if you’re a foreigner that’s visiting the country for the first time! It’s a meal made out of rice and pork meat, mixed with peas and spices that have been brewed for hours alongside the pork skin. Its presentation is quite particular since it involves the slow cooking of the head of the pork, and even though it is a bit shocking at the beginning, it’s a unique must-try.