Indian food has slowly but surely taken a bigger space in every main cities’ cuisine. We invite you to try these amazing restaurants that have used their knowledge on the culture and their flavors to offer the best experience possible by mixing traditional spices with innovative recipes. Enjoy!


Known as the most authentic Indian place in town, this simple restaurant will give you the best flavors and spices for an equally amazing price. The menu offers a wide variety of both meat and veggie main courses and entrees, such as Tikka or Garbanzo Masala and Taandori Chicken, accompanied with fresh garlic, onion or basic flavored Naan and Basmati rice. For dessert you can choose form Pista Kulfi, a refreshing pistachio and cardamom ice cream accompanied with a cardamom lemonade, Carrot Halwa or Shahi Tukda, bread pudding made with saffron syrup, cardamom and almonds. What are you waiting to try it?

  • Opens Mon-Sun for lunch hours (12:00-15:00) and dinner (19:00-22:30)


They opened their doors to the city in 2011 as an expedition into a comforting and rich style of cooking, and since then it has become an emblem for Indian cuisine. The name references the well know bread cooked inside of the Tandoor, the Indian vertical mud oven also utilized by locals when cooking vegetables, cheese and chicken cutlets. For the owners, it creates the perfect reference between artisanal crafts and fresh ideas, both which are qualities that well define their food.

  • Open from Mon-Sun for lunch hours (12:00-15:00 and dinner 19:00-23:00)


This restaurant is the perfect place to find a unique combination of flavors and cultures of the middle east. Open since 2008, the Tabun team wanted to offer a fresh alternative to the other diners that existed in Envigado neighborhood. Right now, it’s located in the most exclusive part of the city, where you’ll be able to have a great time and feel like you’ve been transported to India while sitting inside a traditionally decorated place!

They also have fun discounts, such as 2×1 Wednesdays and free delivery to your house! During the weekend you’ll be able to enjoy live Indian dancers and even enroll in dance lessons.

  • Open from Mon-Sun for lunch hours (12:00-15:00 and dinner 19:00-22:00)