Did you even go to Colombia if you did not bring home Colombian coffee? It will surely be a hit among family and your friends if you make them try this world-famous coffee. If you finish the bags yourself though, we won’t judge you! With the plethora of brands available, what are the most highly recommended Colombian coffee that you should bring home? Here are some locally-produced coffee brands that are popular with locals and expats alike. 

Pergamino Coffee

Recommended Colombian coffee: Pergamino Coffee

You’ll save more if you buy more bags of Pergamino Coffee. Photo: https://us.pergamino.co

One of the top favorites is Pergamino Coffee. Their farm to table approach will make sure you have the freshest coffee experience. They source their coffee directly from local producers, roast them in small batches, and deliver them right at your doorstep. Try their signature Finca Lomaverde, named after their main farm south of Medellin,  for some chocolate and caramel accents. You get free international shipping if you buy at least two 1-lb bag of their coffee! They also have a cafe you can visit if you want to try it first.

?  https://us.pergamino.co/

Carrera 37 8A – 37 (Vía Primavera), Medellín, Antioquia 000

Aeropuerto José María Córdova, Terminal Internacional Rionegro,  Antioquia, Colombia

✆ +57 4 2686444


Café Revolución

Harvested straight from Tolima in the South Wast region of Colombia, this Colombian coffee boasts of your classic heavy and rich dark roast. Meanwhile, their Café Raices features a higher acidity and a rich citric flavor. You can check their coffee and café menu here.

? https://caferevolucion.co

⌂ CAFÉ REVOLUCIÓN 1: Carrera 73 |, Cq. 4 ##10, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

⌂ CAFÉ REVOLUCIÓN 2: Cl. 37 | #79-32, Laureles, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

✆ (57) 320 640 9024

Hija Mia Coffee Roasters

recommended colombian coffee

Hija Mia Rebelde Espresso Blend. Just get the bigger one! Photo: www.hijamiacoffee.com

If you like it strong, this is the coffee you should take home. Their Rebelde Espresso Blend is available at 250g for 16,000 COP while the 500g only costs 30,000 COP. Just a caveat, you might end up grabbing a smashed avocado toast when you visit their cozy cafe! You can check their Facebook page here to see some reviews.


Calle 11A # 43B – 9, Barrio Manila, Medellín, Antioquia 0057

✆ +57 4 3663788


Creador Café – Medellín

Make your cappuccino with their coffee and thank us! Try their chocolate cake as well when you drop by their cafe to grab a bag of beans (or three). Check out their Facebook page here.

? https://www.facebook.com/creador.cafe/

⌂ Carrera 37A # 8 – 43 Parque Lleras , Medellín, Antioquia 050021

✆ +57 4 2663411


Café Doña Cenobia

Their gourmet Arabica coffee is harvested from the southwest region of Antioquia.  Their whole bean coffee starts at 14,750 COP for 250 grams while 500 grams costs 25,700 COP. You can buy their whole bean and ground coffee whether you’re in Colombia or abroad through their website. They can also offer a tour of their To Mi Ranchito Farm if you’re interested to learn more about their coffee-making process!

? https://cafecenobia.com/en/

Calle 47 # 76 – 30 Reserva Plaza Local 2024 Rionegro, Antioquia – Colombia

✆  +57 (315) 514 63 02


What’s your favorite pastry to go with our recommended Colombian coffee? Share in the comments so we can give them a try!

Featured image: Matthew Henry from Burst