We get it. Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. One of the most time-consuming parts of moving to a new city is looking for your new place, but you know what else can be stressful? Moving all your valued belongings to your newfound home! Finding that new home was stressful enough, so do not stress yourself over having to move your stuff on your own!  Here are some reliable moving companies in Medellin recommended by fellow expats.

1. Mudanzas and Acarreos SC

Moving companies in Medellin: Mudanzas and Acarreos SC

 Photo: http://mudanzassc.com/

Mudanzas and Acarreos SC offers carefully packing and unpacking your stuff for you. They can also install your furniture, including TV bases and curtains, among others. One plus factor for this moving company is they do not charge extra if you need their services on a Sunday or a holiday! You can ask for a free quotation or chat with a representative here. The website is originally in Spanish, but using Google translate works fine.

Moving Company: Mudanzas and Acarreos SC

🌐 http://mudanzassc.com/

✉ comercial@mudanzassc.com / admin@mudanzassc.com

☏ 574 12 53

✆ 300 537 50 14

✆ 312 738 09 83

2.  Taxi and Carga

Reliable Moving Company in Medellin: Taxi and Carga

Photo: www.taxicarga.co

During those times when you do not need a full-blown truck to move smaller, lighter things, this company can help you out. They provide reasonable rates depending on your moving needs. A single vehicle with driver costs $35,000/hr while a larger one will set you back $45,000/hr. You can check out their rates and services here.

Moving Company: Taxi and Carga

🌐 http://taxicarga.co

✉ admon@taxicarga.co

☏ 444 0381

✆ 311 738 0622

3. Mudanza Medellin

Huge furniture that could not fit through the door? Fragile, glass furniture? No problem. Mudanza Medellin got you covered. They offer specific custom services for your moving needs. This company prides themselves for their transparency so you will not be surprised with charges you did not know about. Their rates vary depending on the floor you’re moving to as well.  That means you get to pay less if you live on the first floor! They have different prices for when you are moving within Medellin or from other parts of Colombia. You can check out their specific rates and reserve online here.

Moving Company: Mudanza Medellin

🌐 https://www.mudanzamedellin.com

4. Trasteos Medellin

Reliable Moving Company in Medellin: Trasteos Medellin

Get personalized service from of the most reliable moving companies in Medellin. Photo: www.trasteosmedellin.com

This company will give you personalized advice should you have a complicated moving situation. They claim to “provide care of even the smallest detail.” If you are the picky kind or tend to worry about your sensitive furniture, this moving company is for you! Trasteos Medellin also offers services for moving within the same building.   You may ask for their quotation and book here.

Moving Company: Trasteos Medellin 

🌐 https://trasteosmedellin.com.co

✉ ventas@trasteosmedellin.com.co

☏ 444 9531

✆ 310 516 9002

✆ 310 429 6447

5. Mudanzas Co.

Although still fairly new in the relocation game compared to the others, Mudanzas Co. boasts of its partnership with reputable insurance companies to give you peace of mind (insurance is charged separately). If you are feeling lazy about cleaning your furniture or washing heavy rugs, they can do it for you at a cost! Their vehicles are equipped with a satellite system so you can track your belongings and ensure on-time delivery.  A more detailed list of their services can be found here.

Moving Company: Mudanzas Co.

🌐 http://mudanzasco.com

✉ info@mudanzasco.com

✆ 312-2750860

Booking one of these reliable moving companies in Medellin is relatively inexpensive if you think about all the stress you would have to go through if you move your furniture all on your own. Congratulations on your new home and have a worry-free move!