¨We are a couple looking for the best place in Colombia for: Knee Surgery/Replacement, Laser eye treatment, Nose Job, Hair transplant
Your responses greatly appreciated.¨

Colombia, is recognized for its Medical Tourism and even though surgeons and doctors in this country are very skilled, remember to be very careful with low cost procedures.

Firstly, for Knee Surgery/Replacement it is highly recommend to get some insurance as well as a prepaid plan (SURA). It will save you a ton of money. The following are some of the hospital where you can find qualified doctors:

In the case of the Laser Eye Treatment the Clinica Oftalmologica San Diego in Medellin, is a great option without a doubt, you can ask for Julia Guerra (optometry) or Luis Botero +57 (034) 448-603 (https://www.clinicasandiego.com.co/). Also, Clínica Clofán is a good option. (https://www.clofan.com/). Check this website about for more eye doctors. https://www.topdoctors.com.co/oftalmologia/

On the other hand, for Nose Job or any other plastic surgery, Cali has a whole section of the city dedicated to foreigners who go there for surgeries. You can check these websites to contact some surgeons according to your specific needs and the location of your preference.

Finaly, for Hair Transplant  the institution, Colombia Care located in Medellin uses a very advanced technology named: The ARTAS® Robotic System (https://colombiacare.com/?fbclid=IwAR0uGZ49ULU7T62_VCaF81eZKm1PlQIXNL25bHn9pSqDLEc4AgbfcYxjVx4).

Some of our followers also recommend contacting Pete Hall and Conrad Goetsch on facebook. The first one is building a business based on this and has verified and vetted doctors on call.

Colombia has been recognized for having the best places for surgery because it is cheap and has good quality surgeons. Nevertheless, as it was said before, you have to be very careful and responsible about where to do it.