When thinking in retirement people tend to choose places that have a nice weather, close to Medellín and with good public transportation service. Other factors such a safety and costs are also taken into account. Here you’ll find some of the best places for retirement near Medellín according to the specified above.



On the border with San Vicente and Río Negro you will find this beautiful place with green environment, good public transport and cheap costs of living. It’s only 40min away of Medellín and it has warm weather in the daytime and cool at night. Definitely one of the best suburbs for retirement in Medellín.

La Estrella

Going to the south of Medellín, areas like Sabaneta, Suramerica or La Estrella have a cooler temperature. There is a big advantage on this areas, everything is quite near – Mayorca mall, metro and good bus connections. The metro is actually only a 10 minutes away walk from La Estrella and the air is clearer than in other suburbs. Also, it is one of the less expensive suburbs of Medellín and it is very safe.

Santa Elena

This is one of the best cities to retire near Medellín. There are several places called “veredas” in Santa Elena and they are from 20 minutes in “Vereda Media Luna” to 1 hour in others veredas. There is an excellent public transport of buses from the downtown of Medellin. The climate is very cool – between 14 to 20 degrees Celsius or so. It has all the services you can ask for in a city and it’s cheaper than Medellín.

La Pintada

If your idea of retirement is to come back to Medellín twice a week at the most, then you can take into account this beautiful suburb located at 2 hours on bus. The climate is very hot, but it is a good place when you have family, friends or business. It’s a very touristic town and one of the cheapest suburbs of Medellín.


A nice place to call home when you wish to retire to a quiet and peaceful place. It has a metro line, many apartments you can buy/rent and it is very safe. Climate is very good and many commercial activities are made in this town. Puerta del Norte is the main Centro Comercial and it has all you need.