Health insurance is one of the requirements when moving to a new country. No matter how much you exercise and eat healthy, health insurance is still a must as accidents or unexpected illnesses can happen. Thankfully, Colombia’s health care is relatively cheaper compared to other countries’. Choosing the right health insurance will save you so much pain in the future as you do not want to have to jump from one hospital to another because of insurance problems! With the plethora of insurance available, which health insurance companies and policies are worth it? Here are three trusted providers of health insurance in Colombia that expats and locals recommend.

1. Sura Classic Health

Accredited by many hospitals in Colombia, Sura is definitely the most recommended health insurance provider among expats and locals alike. To avail of this plan, you need to have the EPS (Entidadas Promotoras de Salud) policy first and have it upgraded to Sura Classic. Simple availing of the EPS might cause you problems in the future, so we recommend the Classic!

This is available for individuals that are below 60 years old. Sura Classic covers unlimited access to the intensive care unit, fees for medical visits, surgical and anesthesiologist fees, clinical and pathological laboratory, and outpatient surgery of treatment of fractures, sprains, among many others. Apply and learn about further details of  Sura Classic here.

2. Sura Global Health

If you travel outside of Colombia a lot, then Sura Global Health is what we recommend. It is almost like Sura Classic, except you are also covered if ever you need to go to the hospital while traveling abroad. Their overseas coverage includes a semi-private room, access to intensive care unit, outpatient surgery for fractures, dislocations, and sprain, among others. Apply and learn about further details of  Sura Global Health here.

3. Allianz MedicAll Care Health Insurance (Aliansalud)

With over 4,100 accredited doctors and medical institutions all over Colombia, Allianz remains to be one of the highly rated insurance companies in Colombia. This policy boasts of select therapies without co-pay! They also have international coverage if you are only traveling from 60 to 180 days abroad. Apply and read further details of this policy here.

4. EPS Sanitas

If there’s an EPS Sanitas where you live, then we recommend this provider as they have their own medical care centers (as of writing, there are 27 all over Colombia). They offer online services that make it easy to access your appointment schedules and medical results. If you wish to avail of better care and services, their premium plan is available for individuals living in Bogota, Bucaramanga, Baranquilla, or Cali. You may apply for their policies here.

There are times when you may need someone to go with you to the hospital or insurance company to translate. Expats recommend these locals who can speak English well and even drive you to the hospital if needed.

What are some of your best and worst experiences in hospitals in Colombia? How did your health insurance provider help you? Tell your story in the comments!