Buying or leasing a new home generates multiple expenses, including the acquisition of all furniture to equip the home. Search offers or promotions or purchase antiques are some of the keys that will help if you do not have a large budget to invest in furniture for your home.

Although the process may be a little longer than what you have estimated, it is better to search very well so that the pocket does not suffer.

It does not need to have quantity of furniture and objects of decoration, but to have the precise ones, those that arrive to adorn a space, to give life to it and not to fill or overload its walls, tables and corners.

That is why you must take into account what the trends are, define a style and be clear about what you need in each place.


The most usual way to reduce costs when furnishing an apartment in Medellin is to look for the following options:


Traditional line warehouses

When buying in traditional or virtual stores take advantage of the discounts. For example, in Tugó, there are exclusive references of furniture and on its website you can get discounts that reach 30% in the selected references. For its part, also offers original and exclusive products, while large areas such as Homecenter exhibits furniture for all areas of the house and adds home delivery.

Secondhand furniture

Giving opportunity to second-hand items is another option you have for furnishing your home. Antique stores are the order of the day. The alternatives located in the municipality of Envigado are interesting since their offer covers showcases, nightstands, tables, benches and other furniture, which would cost a lot if new ones are acquired. It is possible to access them at half price and even for less.

Direct manufacturing

Visiting manufacturers instead of going to stores or distributors can also help you save some pesos. In Itagüí, on the South highway, there are still vestiges of what was once called the International Furniture Center, where manufacturers offered their furniture directly.

I’mventor (I’m an inventor), for example, has been operating in Medellin for two and a half years manufacturing and marketing chairs, benches, tables, libraries, TV furniture, entertainment centers, vertical gardens, as well as other industrial-cut furniture so you can start furnishing an apartment in Medellin right away.

Prices for furnishing an apartment in Medellin at avant-garde style

1. Lamps: From $ 900 thousand up to $ 4 million.

2. Bar glass and chromed steel bar: From $ 1 million.

3. Puf: From $ 150,000 up to $ 900,000

4. Double Beds: From $ 3 million to $ 4,5 millions

5. Additional dining chairs: From $ 600 thousand.

6. Decorative plates: From $ 80 thousand up to $ 300 thousand

7. Expandable tables: From $ 2 million 500 thousand to $ 5 million.

8. Vases: From $ 200 thousand to $ 500 thousand

9. Kitchen utensils: Tables from $ 500,000, chairs from $ 500,000

10. Rugs: From $ 440 thousand to $ 1 million.

11. Decoration bottles: From $ 150,000

12. Dining Tables: From $ 2,000,000 to $ 6,000,000.

13. Tables with avant-garde concepts: From $ 2 million to $ 6 million.

14. Balcony glass tables: From $ 400,000 and simple chairs from $ 80,000

15. Sofás: From $ 3 million to $ 50 million (made one hundred percent in animal leather).

An entire aparment can be furnished with $ 4 million pesos and up in Medellin.