Everything tax-related in our home country is already complicated in itself. Filing taxes in Colombia? Even more so! Take note that you become a tax resident if you have stayed in Colombia for 183 days or more over a 365-day period. How would you know if you have to file and how much you need to pay in taxes? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this. There are, however, trusted accountants who can help you figure it out. We curated a list of the most highly recommended accountants in Colombia. They specialize in helping foreigners file taxes so you won’t have to keep scratching your head in the process.

Paula Cruz of USATax.co

Paula is definitely one of the most recommended accountants in Colombia. An expat praised her for breaking down his tax obligations in terms he could easily understand. Subsequently, he was able to provide her with all the documents they need to determine his tax obligations. She can also help prepare other non-tax related documents such as renewing your passport while in Colombia.

? accountants in Colombia https://www.usatax.co

✉ paula@usatax.co

✉ info@usatax.co

✆  (57) (4) 266 8405

S & V Asesorias

They offer audit services, financial consulting, tax diagnostics and outsourcing, and preparation of declaration of income, among others. S & V stands for Stefany Mesa and Vanessa Gomez, the accountants who promise to help you make filing taxes in Colombia a breeze for you.

?accountants in Colombia http://syvasesorias.com

✉ info@syvasesorias.com

✆ (317) 370-3245  

✆ (316) 452-7922


This Bureau Veritas certified company offers a free consultation with an accounting expert (or lawyer, if that’s what you need). Simply scroll down to the bottom of their homepage and enter the details asked. Enter your name, email, and contact number and wait for their response!  You can also call them for free here.

? https://www.12trust.co

? https://www.facebook.com/12trust.co/

✆  316 269 19 39


Stuart Withers

He is an international tax specialist who has extensive experience with tax treaties. If you’re worried about filing your Colombian taxes, go send him a message!

? https://www.facebook.com/stuart.withers.1654


We highly recommend hiring an accountant or an accounting service to help you with filing taxes. Doing so will ensure that you do not make errors with your tax returns that may result in fines and penalties. This also means you can focus on spending your energy exploring Colombia! 

How’s your experience with filing taxes in Colombia?  We’d love to know in the comments!

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