If you are thinking on spending a few months (3-6) in Medellin you should try getting a furnished apartment, this would be cheaper than renting a hotel room. However, if you know you will be in Medellin for more than 6 months or even live here, it’s a lot smarter to buy your own furniture. Not only is a wiser decision but an inexpensive one. Plus, you won’t have to look at awful furniture every time you wake up. Surely you would like to know about the best furniture stores in Medellin and we are here with the right answer.

Having your own furniture is the best thing you can do if planning to stay a long time, and it’s important that you get not only the best prices but the best quality materials. For this you have two options:


Custom furniture stores in Medellin

There many designers willing to make the most beautiful furniture at affordable prices for you. From modern to traditional furniture and with quality materials that will make your pieces last long.

The Origins Galeria

They offer the only furniture in Colombia with a lifetime guarantee, and match or beat any published price on the items they sell. They hand make small production, only sustainable solid wood furniture (teak, mahogany, rosewood, suar, ironwood, recycled boat-wood) as well as custom pieces imported from Java and Bali Indonesia. They also offer furniture rental on certain selected items. You should really pay a visit to the gallery. They also offer interior design and remodelling services and have a full woodshop in Medellin with a talented design and contracting team.

BWB Carpentry

Sometimes it can be a little hard to find quality furniture at a reasonable price in Medellin. However, at BWB Carpentry they try their best give you exactly that. They are experts in design and manufacturing and work really fast and up to your expectations.


Cinco Ocho

A weird name to a furniture store in Medellin, but their great craftsmanship and brilliant service speak out for them. A lot people strongly recommend this team for furnishing purposes. However, they also offer remodelations and interior desing if you’re looking for something more professional.


Common and inexpensive furniture stores in Medellin

The places that you would always hear about are Homecenter, Tugó and Falabella. However, there are some real good places where you can but very nice pieces at really low prices.



It’s the top end of the cheaper furniture stores in Medellin, it stands for Fabricas Unidas, they manufacture mostly synthetic furniture in Itagui and they do have a few nice pieces if you are careful, you can find some decent stuff there, it’s a huge place.

Carrera 80

Definitely the cheapest and most recommended place above all expectations when looking for a furniture store in Medellin. Is not a place itself, but a group of stores where you can find literally ANYTHING. There’s a great area where you can actually get very good furniture, have your pieces customized, where the quality is rather decent, and where it costs a fraction to furnish your place if compared to furniture centers.

You can choose the style, the wood, the upholstery and color, and on the top you can have everything delivered to your place. All that without breaking the bank. There are about 20 blocks of this furniture stores in the same area. Take a walk there and see if there’s one that catches your eye.