So you have your Colombian visa. Congratulations! What’s next? You need to get your cedula extranjeria (ID card for foreigners). Getting a cedula will help make your life in Colombia much easier. Bringing a passport everywhere is no longer necessary with a cedula. 

When to apply for a cedula

  • If you have received a Colombian visa
  • The visa is valid for more than three months
  • The visa is registered with Migracion Colombia. IMPORTANT: Make sure to register within 15 days or you might be fined more than USD 2,000 for not doing so.
  • We recommend getting your cedula on the same day of claiming your Colombian visa since it’s a pretty fast and straightforward process.
getting a cedula from Colombia

A sample cedula extranjeria from Migracion Colombia

What to Prepare Before Applying

  • Original passport with your Colombian visa
  • Photocopy of your passport’s bio page (the one with your picture and details)
  • Photocopy of your Colombian Visa
  • Your blood test showing your blood type and indicating it is your first time to apply for a cedula
  • A photocopy of the blood test
  • COP 196,000 (USD 64 )
getting a cedula in Medellin

Migracion Colombia in Medellin

Steps in Applying for a Cedula in Colombia

1. Have a blood test that will show your blood type.

2. Fill out the online application form here. The first box shows Cédula de Extranjería.

3. Go to a Migracion Colombia office near you. You can set an appointment so you do not have to line up and wait too long. You can check out the list of their offices and the schedule here.



✆ 018000-510454

Medellin Migration Services Facilitator Center

☛ Calle 19 # 80A – 40 | Belén neighborhood La Nubia
✆ (574) 345-5500
 Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

4. Pay for the cedula fee at Migracion Colombia. You can pay in cash or card.

5. Have your fingerprints and photo taken by a migration officer.

6. Check the availability of your cedula here.

7. Once it’s available, you can then go to the office and pick it up!

You can now open a bank account, enroll in phone and internet services if you want to! How was your experience in Migracion Colombia? Let us know in the comments!