They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But if you are someone counting your calories and also living in Colombia, it will be hard to stick to your health and body goals if you keep eating bandeja paisa or the mouthwatering lechona (can’t blame you, they’re hard to resist). Might as well say goodbye to your calorie counter! If you wish to go back to a healthier diet but are too busy to cook yourself, we got you covered. Here are some companies that do healthy food delivery in Medellin that our fellow expats highly recommend.

Comida Fit

Head Chef Nathaly Ascencio can help you achieve your health and diet goals through her customized meal plans.  Keto diet? Want to gain more muscles? Want to prepare your meals yourself? Comida Fit has meal plans specific to your diet. They also have smoothie plans perfect for the hot summer days of Medellin. They are rated as one of the best healthy meal delivery services in Medellin for a reason! You can ask for a quotation of their subscriptions here.


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✆ (314) 391-1013

Healthy Food Delivery in Medellin

Comida Fit offers different plans including weight loss, Keto, muscle gains, among others.  Photo:

Repostera Fit Premium

Enjoy guilt-free bread and pastries at your doorstep from Repostera Fit Premium. They deliver delectable baked goods that are sugar-, gluten-, and lactose-free. Their goods are perfect for when you’re on-the-go in busy Medellin.


✆ 300.2354213


Support local farmers while enjoying fresh, healthy produce delivered to you. Siembraviva is a social enterprise that sources their healthy products from local producers of Antioquia. They offer a wide range of organic products like flaxseed oil, fresh and frozen fruits, healthy snacks, and organic chicken, among many others. You can also avail of basket subscriptions that suit your healthy cooking needs. To add, Siembraviva has some events you can join to meet like-minded people! The tickets get sold out quickly though so make sure to reserve ahead of time.



✆ (310) 541 3537

Kasana–Conscientious Recipes

Health Coach Carolina Toro does not deliver food nor prepare healthy meal plans. However, what she offers are holistic food coaching sessions and workshops that will help you achieve your health goals through sustainable conscious eating. Her conscious food workshops include preparing healthy snacks and lunchboxes, among many others.



✆ +573197581512

Eating healthy should never be taken for granted (although an araquipe from time to time won’t hurt!) despite our busy schedule. Good thing there are healthy food delivery companies in Medellin that can help us! Which one did you try? Do you know more healthy food delivery companies in Medellin that we should include in our list? We’d love to know in the comments!

Featured image:  Michelle Krozser from Burst