Colombia Retirement Visa

Applying for a Colombia retirement visa is a simple process and can be done online however there is a criterion that you need to fit. A Colombian retirement visa requires that your income must exceed three times the minimum salary in Colombia. The minimum salary currently is 828,116 COP per month.

To apply for a Colombia retirement visa visit this site for the application. The site requires PDF files plus photos in JPG format.

Requirements of the Visa

  • Photocopy of the personal data on your passport.
  • Photocopy of the page of your passport with the last stamp of entry or departure of Colombia is located.
  • A photocopy of a previous Colombia visa if any.
  • Proof of pension that shows that the applicant receives a monthly stipend of no less than three times the current legal minimum monthly salary.
  • Passport style face photo with a white background sized at 3 cm width X 4 cm height, maximum size of 300 kb jpg file for online application.

Once approved you have to travel to Bogota to get the visa in your passport. Alternatively, you could get the visa at a Colombian consulate or go through a Visa Agency.


 there is a ton of confusion about these visa types, both from applicants and, even more disturbingly, from foreign consulates themselves.

By way of background, if you receive monthly retirement benefits that exceed approx. US$810 you are entitled to a 3 year “Retirement Visa”. Separately, if you receive a fixed monthly payment from some third-party source such as from rental or investment income (excluding employment income) that exceeds approx. US$2,700 you are entitled to a “Rentista/Annuity Visa”. Technically speaking, if you receive disability benefits you “should” be treated as applying for a “rentista” visa and NOT a retirement visa.

The problem for applicants is that some consulates continue to treat retirement visa applicants as if they were “rentista” applicants and are immediately denied because their monthly benefits do not exceed the minimum requirements. Another problem is that if the documentation used to apply for a retirement visa includes the word “disability” it will also be treated as if it was a “rentista” visa application.

Bottom line, if (1) you receive disability benefits or (2) you just want to minimize any risk that your application will be treated as a “rentista” visa application you should NOT apply from a foreign consulate but instead apply the next time you are in Colombia. Assuming you have at least 5-6 weeks in Colombia this is usually the best option for retirees.