Colombia’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Its reputable hospitals and inexpensive healthcare are probably why medical tourism in Colombia has been steadily growing each year. Medellin alone has seven hospitals that are among the best in Latin America. Thankfully, health insurance in Colombia is still cheaper compared to the USA and the UK. There are many health insurance providers out there, but expats highly recommend Sura. Let us guide you on how to sign up for health insurance in Colombia and the insurance brokers that expats trust and recommend.

Three Types of Health Insurance in Colombia

  • EPS (Entidadas Promoteras de Salud) : This is the required public health insurance for residents in Colombia. You have to pay 12.5% of the monthly gross income you declare to EPS as premium. You need to have EPS to be able to avail of EPS Sura, the insurance most expats recommend.
  • Prepagada: This is private health insurance in Colombia. The monthly premium depends on different factors. We recommend talking to an insurance agent to assist you.
  • Sisben: The free healthcare by the government for the very poor in Colombia.


How to Sign Up for SURA Health Insurance

You can apply and sign up on your own for SURA. However, the forms are in Spanish. Also, it is better to talk to an insurance broker who can guide you and recommend the best plan for your situation. You can find more details on SURA’s services and coverage here.

Recommended Insurance Brokers/Agents

Finding a good insurance agent is a must! Be wary of some insurance agents who might try to ask for a really high premium. Thankfully, there are honest brokers who aim to help make this process easier for expats. They can help you sign up for health insurance even if you do not have your cedula extranjeria yet. To add, they can help you whether you live in Colombia or abroad. Here’s a list of the English-speaking insurance brokers/agents that fellow expats trust and recommend.


How’s your experience with the healthcare system and health insurance in Colombia? Let us know in the comments!

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