Finding room for rent in Medellín can be very problematic because of the number of options / means that exist. And your particular need: whether a university student, a worker or a foreigner, is always particular, making many of these means not suitable. Now the question is, where do you start?


Important questions before you start looking for a room

It is worthwhile to explore the questions below to make the right decision when it comes to finding a room especially in Medellin:


  1. What is the location in the city where you would be transporting continuously?
  2. Which is the most suitable neighborhood for you, taking into account the previous location?
  3. Are there in this neighborhood and especially in your potential location places of basic activities? Such as buying food for the home, public transport (which transits to where you care to arrive), place to perform physical exercise, etc.
  4. If it’s a room, what do you need? You will have coexistence with different companions of apartment / house and in many occasions the coexistence can be delicate. Do you know in advance the people with whom you will live or is this of little importance to you?


Well, taking these questions into account, I will then classify different media, both traditional and new (at a technological level). You will be able to find the room to rent in Medellin exactly as you like it. Additionally, I will compare its advantages and disadvantages with respect to the other options so that you can make an appropriate decision.


Means or ways to get room for rent in Medellín

AirBnB – Travel and visit as a local

AirBnB is one of the leading platforms in search of rentals mainly of house, apartment and room for rent in Medellin (and globally). It is a relatively new platform in its incursion into the country. And at the moment it is very controversial due to the conflicts that it has with the different hotel guilds in Colombia. Something very typical for this particular market but from your point of view as a user (student, foreigner, etc.) you should not worry.


  • Availability globally, it is found in 191 countries.
  • There are 306 rooms available in Medellín, both shared and private, as of the date of publication of this article.
  • You can filter by price, home distribution, housing benefits, amenities, facilities, home rules and host language.


  • You can only pay with credit cards, you do not have local payment methods.
  • Although AirBnB has insurance against damage in some countries like Colombia is not available.
  • You are required to provide identification (cedula) to rent a room.
  • The prices in AirBnB for the rooms have a tendency to be higher than those found in other platforms.

It should be noted that AirBnB request verification information in order to improve security on the platform. This information consists of personal photo, cell phone number, among others.

CompartoApto – Find and share rooms for rent

It is a platform that works through ads, both tenants and owners create their ads in order to attract contacts of interest. It is a platform of the most used to find room for rent Medellin, although there are different criticisms regarding security.


  • There are more than 500 rooms on the platform ready to be rented.
  • The owners response is quick once you create your own ad.
  • The platform is functional in mobile and fast.


  • There is no verification of user identity.
  • Anyone who buys any of the plans has access to the personal information of all other users, without necessarily matching the person’s initial search.
  • It is only possible to pay with the credit card.

FincaRaíz – Sale and lease of properties in Colombia

FincaRaíz has a great route in Colombia being one of the first to facilitate the interconnection between owners, real estate agents and potential buyers or tenants. They have implemented the possibility of renting a room recently.


  • You can create notification alerts by mail that are activated whenever you find something similar to what you are looking for.
  • It is possible to see the location of the room but it is not always the real one.
  • You have a form to request that the supplier contact you or you can see the number to contact the bidder.
  • You can set search filters.
  • They have a mobile application.
  • There are around 2000 real estate agencies willing to solve needs in terms of rent at a general level.


  • Because they have recently started with room rentals there are not many in Medellin. There are currently 211 rooms for rent.
  • The platform is designed mainly for the sale of apartments, houses which makes the rental search slow.
  • There is a lot of publicity on the platform.
  • It is not fast to navigate, navigation can be confusing on many occasions.
  • There is no type of identity verification.

Roomster – The roommate search engine

Roomster is a platform that works worldwide, with a presence recently in many Facebook groups in Medellín.


  • It is very simple to create housing search ads (like CompartoApto).
  • You can create as many ads as you want.
  • There is some verification of identity but only with a Facebook login.


  • There are many users looking for a room, but very few owners offering their room on the platform.
  • The form of advertising to get a user from this company is certainly confusing. It seems to be through affiliates that is through third parties that redirect traffic to the main page. Which can cause distrust for users.
  • There is a lot of publicity in its different platforms.
  • In some areas you pay for reading messages from people who want to contact you.