Traveling in a new country, especially if you do not speak their language, can be daunting. Having data and a local sim can save you so much energy and money while in Colombia! The three biggest phone providers in Colombia are Tigo-Une, Claro, and Movistar. Just because they’re the biggest doesn’t mean they are exactly what you need. Other smaller networks like Virgin, Avantel, and ETB might have plans that fit your data needs. Here’s a comparison of the different plans of the networks so you can decide which one best fits your mobile needs.

We decided to make a comparison of the three biggest networks and Avantel as they are the ones among the most recommended by expats. The following table shows the prepagado or prepaid plans offered by the providers. These will be perfect for those who are staying in Colombia short-term. Take note that since Claro Movil is the biggest of the phone providers in Colombia, this means that they tend to have a wider coverage. Avantel, although a smaller one, boasts of the fastest internet speed (although this may depend on their coverage, so double-check!)

prepaid plans in colombia

The above table only shows the most commonly used plans. If you want to check out other prepaid plans offered by these providers, you may check out these links:

Which prepaid plan looks the most appealing to you? How’s your experience with the above-mentioned providers? Let us know in the comments!


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