Some people, ages 65 and older moved to a new place from somewhere else to spend their retirement, according to reports.

If you are scouting trip for possible retirement or just want to maximize the month you have in Colombia checking out various cities, here are our top suggestions:

  • Cartagena 

          If you’re looking for a hot place with summer vibes, Cartagena is for you. It is known for its unique sounds of music and bright-colored houses and establishments. Being rich in coastal views, it has interesting activities and their prestine beaches are a must-see.

  • Pereira

Pereira is modern city, with “state of the art”-health facilities, many shopping centres, many international restaurants, nice nightlife, international schools, and surrounding beautiful nature, for example the 12 Quindio villages. Several Expat-Groups (also veterans). Its raining almost every day for one hour, but dry in same time. There are 550.000 inhabitants. Average temperature is 28 degrees throughout the year.

  • Santa Marta

Santa Marta is known to be Colombia’s premier destination so you could enjoy days chilling at the beautiful beaches here. It will make you busy too because it offers not only wonderful sceneries but also fun activities such as trekking, scuba diving, beach parties, museum sights and food tours.

  • Manizales

You could enjoy cool temperature in Manizales because it rains a lot. It is a very safe place, pretty, cheap, with lots of activities to do, and nice universities.

  • Salento

If you’re into cool, fun and friendly town, you will consider Salento as a new home. You could try hiking, coffee farm tours, drinking and eating native foods.

  • Bucaramanga

This is the perfect place for anyone who prefers hot and dryish area. From sightseeings to captivating culture and exposure with locals, anyone would feel welcomed and enjoy this peaceful place.

  • Villavicencio

Famous for its night life and tourist spots, this place is surprisingly nice, and with stunning surroundings. Villavicencio is popular because of its amazing greenery and mountain scenery.

  • Barranquilla

Anyone one will love its new facilities, lot less traffic and noise, almost no tourists which also means almost no prostitution, lots of upscale new development, lots of places with great rooftop pools. The people here are very friendly, kind, and fun to be with as they know basic English.

This city is in the midst of a renewal and it’s by far the fastest growing city in Colombia, it’s hot, but you can always go to the nearby Beaches and has more amenities than Cartagena or Santa Marta and offers more work opportunities.

  • Armenia

It is the World’s first Christian country that is know for it’s artistic old churches and where anyone enjoys free water anywhere. It is also less crowded since it has less population than other countries.

Colombia is truly rich in beautiful spots and astonishing culture, aside from Medellin. So grab your pen now and start planning your unforgettable trip!