The souvenirs from Colombia are as colorful and vibrant as its culture. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and take more than the generic souvenir magnets with you!  Pick your choice from some of the best “truly Colombian” gifts that locals and expats alike highly recommend. You’re welcome!

Colombian Coffee

Yep, you guessed it right. Colombian coffee is hands down one of the best Colombian gifts to bring home. Do not leave Colombia without taking a bag (or five) of their world-famous coffee with you! We curated a list of the most recommended brands that you and your friends will love here.

Bon Bon Bum

These colorful lollipops are probably in every list of the best gifts from Colombia and they are for a reason. A gum awaits you at the core of the flavored lollipop. They are available in local shops, but this online shop offers some in case you start craving and you’re no longer in Colombia.


This chewy candy is kind of the Starburst of Colombia. This chewy candy comes in different flavors kids and adults will like. Watch out as you might end up eating a lot!


 Authentic Wayuu Bags

Get authentic Wayuu bags from Wayuu Tribe.

Wayuu Mochila Bags

These bags scream “Colombia” all over them. Support the indigenous Wayuu weavers buy buying their colorful bags that your friends will love. You can find them at Parque Poblado and Parque Llares or buy these authentic Wayuu bags online here. Any purchase you make supports the Wayuu weavers who spend hours and days to make these renowned bags from Colombia.



Bocadillo or guava paste is used in a lot of Colombian dishes. It is made of guava pulp and sugar cooked in slow fire until it’s thick. Feeling adventurous in the kitchen and want to make them yourself? Check out this detailed Colombian bocadillo recipe here. 

Aguardiente Antioqueño

Best Colombian gifts


Making our friends try local alcohol from our travels is always fun and interesting. They will either love or hate this liquor made from sugar cane.  The Colombians usually drink this in shots and it has 29% of alcohol! It’s available in most local shops in Medellin, but you can also buy them online here.

Traditional Colombian Piggy Banks

Unlike your typical piggy banks, this is a clay bank that you have to break into pieces before you get your savings. Perfect for that friend who can’t resist breaking the piggy banks before they become full! Lorah’s Instagram features cute and colorful handpainted piggybanks that you can check out here. More playful custom designs are also available here. If you find yourself in Raquira, Colombia, you can take pottery classes there and perhaps make your own piggy bank to gift the special people in your life.


Best Colombian Gifts: Panela

Stock up on this as they are expensive outside of Latin America. Photo:

Stock up on these blocks of raw and unrefined cane sugar from Colombia as it becomes extremely expensive abroad. Serious Eats describes the interesting and long process of making panela in detail here.

Dulces de Tamarindos

These sweets are made from tamarind, another exotic fruit from Colombia.  My Colombian Cocina claims it is easy to make! They are available in local shops, but you can check out her recipe in English here if you want to make one yourself.


If you find yourself in Medellin, Colombia, there are lots of local products to choose from at the Gourmet Artisan Market in Parque Lleras. You can check their schedule here

Do not, we repeat, do not go home without taking one of these with you! Let us know what you think are the best Colombian gifts in the comments or share this to someone you know who is traveling to Colombia!


Featured photo: Pandora Sykes