Staying at hostels is a great way to meet like-minded people while traveling. Some prefer staying at party hostels to explore the nightlife of Medellin. However, if you’re the kind who prefers to have a quieter time after a long day of sightseeing, here are the best hostels in Medellin for you that expats and tourists highly recommend.

Los Patios Hostel

Known as one of the best hostels in Medellin, Los Patios is more of an upscale hostel. They have quiet and clean rooms, but if you want to socialize, you can hang out at the rooftop bar. The views from the rooftop bar are amazing no matter what time of day! Their rooms are spacious and allow for privacy, even if you just book a dorm bed. 
Private Double Room:
47 to 54 USD /night

Bed in a Shared Room: 16 to 18 USD/ night


⌂ Cra. 43e #11 – 40, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

☏ +57 305 3239897

Note: Colombians and foreigners with a cedula extranjeria need to pay a 19% IVA tax

best hostels in medellin los patios

The popular rooftop bar of Los Patios. Source

Medellin Vibes Hostel

Enjoy a relaxing day sipping drinks by the pool at one of the top luxury hostels in Medellin. Their bedrooms are spacious, comfortable, and give you the privacy that you need. You’ll probably even forget you’re staying at a hostel! Medellin Vibes is always clean and its staff is friendly and polite. If you book directly from their site, you’ll get a lower rate compared to using other booking sites.

Private Double Room: 50 to 75 USD /night

Bed in a Shared Room: 14 to 17 USD/ night


⌂ Cra. 47 #7-60, Medellín, Antioquia

☏ +57 301 444 94 90

☏ (4) 3204140


best hostels in medellin vibes

Coffee, a good book, and this pool. Why not? Image source

Hostel Macondo Guest House

This hostel boasts of its excellent location minus the noise. If you want to party though, the nightlife is only 10 minutes or so away. If you want a hostel with a more local, friendly vibe, you’ll like Hostel Macondo. The owner, Batis, is also loved by the guests for her attentiveness and responsiveness.

Private Quadruple Room: 28 to 55 USD /night depending on the number of people

Bed in a Shared Room: 9 to 10 USD/ night



⌂ Tv. 5a ## 45 – 104, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

☏ +57 318 4187645

best hostels in medellin macondo

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