If there is something for which Colombia is recognized nationally and internationally, it is for its coffee culture. The diversity of thermal floors, its fertile fields and the industriousness of its people make coffee unique. And is that the varieties of coffee grown in Colombia are unmatched in quality, taste and aroma. This has created a world around coffee that is very important in the country. A large part of the country works and lives off coffee and because of that there are many outstanding coffee brands in Colombia.

What coffee brands stand out for their quality in Colombia?
The coffees of the Colombian regions have different textures, flavors and bodies. That is where the quality of this drink that everyone yearns to try in any corner of the world lies. Next, you will find our top 5 of the most recognized coffee brands and stores to enjoy this delicious drink. We hope you do not stay without trying any!


Best coffee brands in Colombia


This is the most popular instant coffee in Colombia. It offers presentations in different varieties of soluble coffee: classic, decaffeinated, 3 in 1, 3 in 1 light, granulated, BastiYá, neutralized, flavored, cappuccino and also coffee cream to add to the “tinto”. It is easy to prepare and its flavor is incredible. With it you can prepare barista coffee recipes and desserts in a fast and fun way.

Águila Roja

Symbolizes the traditional for Colombians. This is because it is one of the oldest coffee brands in Colombia, born in 1930 with a store located in the city of Cali. This makes it one of the most recognized coffee brands in the country. Their coffee, naturally, comes from Cauca and Valle del Cauca. Over time, they went from being a store to becoming an industry with plants to toast and grind the bean.

Quindío Coffee

Quindío is one of the coffee regions per excellence. It is the heart of the Coffee Region and the place where the country’s coffee culture originates. On its land is the National Coffee Park and a host of ranchs, farms and coffee plantations. That’s where the first brand comes from in our top five: Café Quindío. This chain, inaugurated in 1984, gathers the best of the quindians coffee products.

Its beans come from the municipalities of Buenavista, Córdoba, Genoa and Pijao, with coffee produced between 1,600 and 2,000 meters above sea level. These are mixed with coffee produced in the lowlands, below 1600 m.n.m. of municipalities such as Armenia, Circasia, Montenegro and Quimbaya. This gives the final product sweet and fruity notes, with robustness and strength. The coffee is roasted and acquires a dark shade that characterizes it.


It is one of the oldest coffee chains in Colombia. It started in 1970 as a store specialized in the sale of gourmet coffee in Bogotá. Over time they expanded their premises and specialized in the sale of coffee from different regions throughout the country. In addition to the coffee shops, the chain has restaurants and even a bookstore. It has stores in almost all commercial establishments.

Among the products offered by OMA are Colombian coffee with Italian preparation (espressos, capuccinos and lattes) as well as coffee products packaged in four lines: Línea Dorada, Línea Plata, Línea Bronce and soluble coffees. In all of them is ground coffee or beans bags between 250 and 500 grams. Decaffeinated, premium, organic and espresso varieties are sold. In addition, they offer coffee souvenirs, such as chocolate covered beans, which are an excellent gift for friends or family.

Juan Valdez

The coffee axis was colonized by pioneers called muleteers, who traveled by mule to settle in the region. In fact, the image of the Colombian, inside and outside the country, is usually associated with the muleteer. Juan Valdez, the image of the National Federation of Coffee Growers is the arriero per excellence. Together with her adorable mule, Conchita, she has been Colombia’s greatest ambassador abroad.

That is why Juan Valdez is undoubtedly the most representative brand of coffee nationally and internationally. It is characterized for being an impressive coffee that feels immediately on the palate, also delights with its slightly acid and sweet flavors. The brand produces coffee from all regions of the country and has the Classic, Gourmet and Premium lines. It also has several presentations that include soft, medium and strong coffee. There are also various versions such as ground coffee, instant and beans.

Juan Valdez is a Colombian cultural icon that is present in a good part of the life of Colombians. Mugs, shirts, bags, suitcases and even stuffed animals of Conchita, the mule of Juan Valdez, are part of the souvenirs produced by the company. His coffee is found in the great capitals of the world and has been referenced by Hollywood and American pop culture as a synonym of Colombia. If you have not tried it, what are you waiting for?