Ahhh, yes, visas. They’re such a pain to get, especially if you do not speak the language, but we get them anyway. Yes, for the love of Colombia! So what are the different types of Colombian visas and which one should you get?

Note: You do not need a visa to enter Colombia if you are a passport holder from the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Schengen member countries (like France, Germany, Italy, etc.). In addition, are allowed to stay a maximum of 90 days, but the Visitor Visa can be extended following procedures.

There are three classifications of Colombian visas: Visitor, Migrant, and Resident.

1. Visitor Visa (Type V)

You need this visa if you are doing any of the following in Colombia:

  • airport transit
  • tourism
  • academic exchange
  • art or trade training
  • business
  • studies
  • medical tourism
  • boat/coastal platform crew
  • event participation (seminars, weddings, etc)
  • journalistic coverage
  • temporary service provider
  • intra-personnel corporate transfer

You can find the general requirements for a Colombian Visitor Visa here.


2. Migrant Visa (Type M)

Among the different types of Colombian visas, the Migrant visa is one of the commonly acquired Colombian visas by a lot of expats. You can apply for this visa if you are a:

  • spouse or permanent companion of a Colombian citizen
  • parent or child of a Colombian citizen by adoption
  • migrant under the Mercosur Agreement
  • refugee
  • going to work in Colombia
  • operating your business in Colombia
  • practicing your profession or doing independent activities
  • an elementary, secondary, or undergraduate university student
  • religious person to be assigned in Colombia
  • real estate investor
  • retiree
  • landlord

You can find the general requirements for Colombian visas here.

3. Resident Visa (Type R)

This type of visa is for you if you wish to establish a permanent residency in Colombia. You can apply for this if you have:

  • renounced your Colombian citizenship and wish to come back
  • are a biological parent of a Colombian child
  • an M visa and have lived in Colombia for two years without interruption (for marriage, Mercosur, and refugee)
  • an M-visa and have lived in Colombia for five years without interruption (for the rest of other M visas not mentioned in the prior bullet)
  • a foreign direct investment (should be at least 650 times the minimum wage in Colombia)

You can find the general requirements for Colombian visas here.


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Source: https://www.cancilleria.gov.co/en/procedures_services/visa/abc