Pereira, is a very good choice to retire near Medellin. A modern city, “state of the art”-health facilities, many shopping centres, many international restaurants, nice nightlife, international schools, and surrounding beautiful nature, for example the 12 Quindio villages. Several Expat-Groups (also veterans). It’s raining almost every day for one hour, but dry at same time. 550,000 inhabitants. Average temperature is 28 degrees throughout the year. It’s got everything you might need, and yet doesn’t feel overwhelmingly huge. It’s also got a Pricesmart (ie Costco) if having North American big-box shopping brands are important to you. See website:


Barranquilla is another option to check out, another great place to retire near Medellin. The city is in the midst of a renewal and it’s by far the fastest growing city in Colombia. It’s hot, but you can always go to the nearby Beaches. Barranquilla is way underrated. New facilities, LOT less traffic and noise, almost no tourists which also means almost no prostitution, lots of upscale new development, lots of places with great rooftop pools, people here are very friendly, kind, and fun like people from Medellin, way more people here know basic English here compared to Medellin which is shocking since there are hardly no tourists. Plus, it has a beach! To know more about this gem visit


Manizales would be another good pick if you want to retire near Medellin. Cool temps in Manizales but rains a lot. Very safe, pretty, cheap, lots to do, and nice universities. Since Manizales is a much smaller city, it has much fewer cars and less traffic problems as well which makes it a little more peaceful to live in. Check out this website for you to appreciate it even better.


Bucaramanga is Another beautiful place to retire near Medellin. It has around 160 parks all throughout the city. It also has considerable number of shopping malls, favorable restaurants that you can enjoy. Bucaramanga has low real estate prices, compared to other nearby cities, which I turns contribute to the low cost of living in the city. Check this website to explore its beauty


Cartagena is another amazing place to retire in Colombia. Life in Cartagena has a different rhythm, balance and sense of excitement. It has many parks that are convenient to visit to. You will probably love the city’s museums, architecture, music, art, libraries. Food is also good in Cartagena where fast food chains seem to be on every corner plus the services are prices are half the price compared to stateside prices. Visit this website to know more,