So you’ve lived in Medellin, fell in love with the city, and decided to live here for much longer than you planned. We can’t blame you! If you decide to live here for longer than a year, renting unfurnished apartments in Medellin will save you money long term. Sure, you might need to buy some equipment and furniture, but they can be easy to sell once you are about to leave.

Before we start though, you have to note that renting unfurnished apartments in Colombia requires a fiador or a co-signer who is a real estate owner. Many real estate agents require this! However, one way of going away without a fiador is paying the rent months in advance. Talk to your real estate agent and see if they are open to this.

fiador in Colombia

Ready to start your search?  We’ve listed some websites and other ways that fellow expats recommend when looking for unfurnished apartments in Medellin.

1. Websites

  • Fincaraiz: You can set your preference easily such as if you prefer a studio, home, or just a room. You can also easily set your projected move-in date without problems.
  • Metro Cuadrado: Their rent insurance calculator is so helpful!
  • OLX Colombia: Set your preferred city while looking for furnished rental properties. There are lots of monthly furnished apartments listed here ranging from affordable to luxury.
  • Encuentra 24: Look for furnished apartments that are within budget by setting your budget preference.

2. Facebook Groups

You’ll see owners directly placing ads of their property in various Medellin expat groups or pages. Transacting with owners directly might even save you from the pains of looking for a fiador. Medellin Expats and Medellin Rooms, Apartments, and Expat Info are some of the most active groups on Facebook.

unfurnished apartments in Medellin

Hiring a bilingual real estate agent will save you from the stress of finding your next home.

3. Real Estate Agents

There are lots of real estate agencies around Medellin. They can show you properties to your liking if you tell them your budget and your preference. Some of the listings on the websites above might actually be posted by real estate agents. Again, they usually require a fiador. Talk and negotiate with them to see if you can go away without it by renting in advance.

4. Walking around and looking for arrienda or “For Rent” signs

If you have the time to go around, this also works! It’ll also be a good way to explore different neighborhoods you are interested in. Better yet, take a bilingual or local friend with you to ask on your behalf in case the owners do not speak English.


If you plan on moving stuff from your previous apartment, we wrote an article on highly recommended movers in Colombia. We also wrote an article on recommended cleaning services that are tried and tested by expats and locals alike.

What are you most excited about in moving to an unfurnished place? Do you have more tips on finding unfurnished apartments in Medellin? Let us know in the comments below!