One of the main reasons as to why Medellin has quickly become the most important center of tourism in Colombia is because of its innovative public spaces. Being known as one of the greenest cities in the country you will always find new, fun place to explore; from the beautiful Botanical Gardens in the heart of the urban area and virgin parks filled with hundred of species, to places where art becomes the protagonist, you’ll never get bored if you visit these:


Its name literally translates to “Barefoot Park”, and it’s the perfect opportunity to feel like a kid again. It’s close to the major tourist attractions of the center of the city and a walking distance to the Museo del Agua (Water Museum), so it’s a convenient place to visit, and the perfect one to end a strenuous walking tour. So, slip your shoes off and make the most of a sunny day as you enjoy the water attractions and the feeling of sand beneath your feet.


Feeling a bit adventurous? The Parque Arvi is a 70 square kilometer natural reserve located in Santa Helena and even though it beyond the valley of Medellin, it might be the most famous park of our list. Its easily accessible via the “Metrocable” that runs from Santo Domingo in the center of town and up into the western mountains, and it offers a wide range of views, trails, day hikes and bird sightseeing. It’s the perfect plan for ecologists and culture and nature lovers, so what are you waiting for to visit?


If you enjoy getting away from the commotion and noise of the big city, then this park is perfect for you! You can get here easily from the Universidad metro station, and you’ll find this live museum which offers a wide collection of flora and fauna with over 1000 species of plants and trees. Also known as the “lungs” of the city and an arquitectonic treasure of the county, this is the place where the silleteros get their inspiration for the Feria de las Flores which takes place in September of every year, where huge traditional ornaments are made from fresh flowers. It’s a beautiful place to relax, surrounded by wildlife during working days, and enjoy concerts or outdoor festivals during the weekend!


Known internationally as the city’s center for nightlife, this small park is the perfect place to meet people as it offers dozens of restaurants, latin music discotectas and fondas (traditional bars from the Antioquia region). After going to it once, it will with no doubt become the perfect meeting place for you and your friends before heading out for food or drinks!


Less of a park and more of a central plaza, this place makes our list because it is home to some of the most culturally relevant attractions in Medellin. The 7,000 square meters that compose it are filled with history as they host more tan 20 sculptures made by the local and world renowned sculptor, Fernando Botero. So visit the beautiful Museo de Antioquia and join any of the 110 Free Walking tours offered, as you explore the city while learning about Medellin’s history. There is no doubt that any visit to Medellin would be incomplete without walking around the Botero Park at least once.